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The purpose of these Rules is to assure that the Club facilities will remain enjoyable and manageable to all for whom they are intended, and not be overburdened.  These Rules are subject to change from time to time, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.



 The residential family unit of one owner (including domestic partners and children living in the residence), is entitled to the use of club facilities under one Membership.  Owners of unimproved Lots may enjoy the privileges and facilities of the Club so long as they pay the same annual Dues, Fees, special charges and Assessments as Owners of improved Lots (i.e. those with residences). Failure to timely pay in full the dues, fees, special charges and Assessments when due will result in the loss of the right to use Club Facilities.



Guests are defined as persons who are not owners and who do not reside in the households of owners within the Plat of Honeymoon Lake, Divisions 1 and 2.  Guests of owners and their immediate households may use Club facilities when accompanied by a Club Owner-Member in good standing, and who abide by such Rules as the Board of Directors may prescribe which are subject to change from time to time.



The Clubhouse is a non Smoking Facility.

Clubhouse closes at 10:00 unless special permission is obtained from the Board.

Clubhouse may be reserved for social functions by any member.

Member must be present when Clubhouse is in use.

Call Clubhouse Manager, Stephanie Schriger at 425-922-1999, or email clubhouse@hlakecc.com to make reservations.

Upstairs Clubhouse:
Security/Cleaning Deposit: $100 for less than 20 guests
Security/Cleaning Deposit: $250 for 20 or more guests

Each user shall clean up stove, dishes and sink after use. Clean-up materials are under kitchen sink.

If necessary to move furniture, please replace it the way it was found.

Electric heater shall be shut off when not in use.

Turn off propane fireplace with remote control before leaving.

Make sure door to deck is locked.

The last one to leave shall close windows, turn off all lights and close and lock the door.



Multi-purpose room may be rented for a $40 per night charge with a $100 refundable Security/Cleaning deposit.

Call Clubhouse Manager, Stephanie Schriger at 425-922-1999, or email clubhouse@hlakecc.com to make reservations.

Multi-purpose room CANNOT be used for parties. Sheets and towels are to be supplied by person reserving the Multi-purpose room. No smoking in the Multi-purpose room or elsewhere in the building. 

Trash must be removed to the dumpster.  Vacuum and general clean up (including kitchen) must be done to assure future use.

Additional Rules are posted in the Multi-purpose room.



Pool will be open from Memorial Day through September, weather permitting, unless otherwise posted.

Pool hours are 10:00 am  to dusk.

There is no lifeguard; children under 11 or non-swimmers are not to be left unattended. Guests are welcome with a member. Each member is allowed 10 guests. Member must be present.

Additional pool Rules are posted at the pool.

The pool is a non-smoking area.


Fish catch shall be 8 fish daily per lot, but not more than 24 fish per week per lot. Barbless hooks are to be used for catch and release. Only human, electric or wind powered boats are allowed. Member must be present.



Garbage placed in dumpster or cans at the clubhouse, Multi-purpose room and pool must be by clubhouse, Multi-purpose room or pool users only or by special permission from the Board.

There is no smoking in the clubhouse, basement or pool area.

Children must have adult supervision in clubhouse, Multi-purpose room or pool area.

Lot owners shall be held liable for damages by guests and or children under 18.

Off-road vehicles are not to be ridden on lake dam, beach or clubhouse property.


Honeymoon Lake Community Club and its facilities belong to YOU!


Let’s be proud of what we have!